Gallery Exhibition

About this Event

Free Art Exhibition at Croydon Art Space 

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The Croydon Art Space is currently exhibiting works of art from several artists. Many of the artworks have been created over the past two-years.  There are over eighty artworks in the current exhibition.

Freedom Exhibition 

Room 1: Colour in Splendour

Abstract Oil and Watercolour Paintings by Martin Masterson

For this exhibition, Martin has produced twenty-four new watercolour paintings.

Mixed Media Portraits by Natasha Dovey

The portraits are filled with reflected colours of city nightlife. Colours are vibrant, bold, and enchanting.

Ceramics by Barbara Gorton

Ceramic works are contemporary, utilising various techniques.

Room 2: Black, White, Red & Gold

Glass Artwork by Tracy Nicholls

Tracy was recently nominated for a Biennale Arte Award for her Glass Glow Artwork.

Portraits and Abstract Paintings by Monica Mardare

Her artistic expressions have use various ranges of applications and styles.

Jewellery and Illustrations by Jenny Macdonald

She is endlessly drawn to detail and minutiae to create interesting and sparkling results.

Graphic Designs by Gillian Fielden

Unique graphic design works, which covers meal events during the January to March Covid-19 lockdown period.

Room 3: Silver Linings, by Ema Mano Epps and Jyoti Bharwani

Silver Linings Paintings incorporate; Iron Oxide, oak gall ink, earth pigment, lapis lazuli, rose gold and yew ash on canvas, cotton, and silk. They are intricate and delicate with plant and human references.

Exhibitions & Entry Requirements

Upon arrival you will be given an exhibition programme. Event organiser/exhibition curator Paul Hall, will be available to answer all questions on the art works exhibited.

The exhibition is free to visit. To ensure your visit is as safe as possible, please book a ticket so we can monitor visitor numbers and make sure that there are not too many people in the exhibition space at the same time. Tickets can be obtained at:

Opening Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, 10am to 1pm. Ticket numbers are limited to allow for social distancing. Therefore, management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone that has not booked an exhibition ticket.

Updated Covid-19 Safety Measures

Please do not attend exhibitions if you think you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

We ask all visitors to maintain social distancing at all times. Face masks are optional and hand sanitiser is available.

Should Covid-19 restrictions prevent exhibitions from taking place or prevents your attendance, please email for more information.

Additional Information

Curator and exhibition organiser, Paul Hall reserves the right to cancel exhibitions. In these circumstances ticket holders will be contacted and an alternative exhibition date will be arranged.