Harmony Exhibition - 27th September to 31st December 2022

Experience the harmony of contemporary artistic expression. Artworks include; paintings, jewellery, glassworks, graphic design, and ceramics.

The exhibition features artwork by Monica Mardare, Tracy Nicholls, Audrey Beharie-McGee, Ema Mano Epps, Jyoti Bharwani, Martin Masterson, Natasha Dovey, Gillian Fielden, Barbara Gorton and Drew Peach.

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The exhibition is free to visit. To ensure your visit is as safe as possible, please book a ticket from Eventbrite, so we can monitor visitor numbers and ensure there are not too many people in the exhibition space at the same time. It is possible to obtain an Eventbrite ticket on the day (up to one hour before closing).

Paul Hall
Curator for Croydon Art Space