Glass Artwork

Perfectly imperfect - edges crumble while pitting, cracks and holes emerge. Exploring the deteriorations that occur around and within us, the once solid forms that become ever more delicate and fragile, Tracy draws on the imagery of this journey and the intricate lace like structures that remain. Creating her sculptures with kiln formed glass to highlight the beauty found within these states of erosion, Tracy manipulates and distorts the material, exploiting the tension that exists between the planned and the unexpected. Rejecting the qualities typically associated with glass, the transparency, vibrancy and shine, she gravitates towards a simple monochrome palette and opaque glass. Her complex pieces use layers and light to convey a striking aesthetic that is often overlooked. Fragile Lace Series II Two panels of hand cut, fused and sandblasted opaque black sheet glass sandwich a translucent, grey coloured panel. Cold worked and bonded and displayed on aluminium stand offs. Artists’ Statement: The ‘Fragile Lace’ series continues my fascination with erosion; of solid forms disintegrating over time - becoming ever more delicate and fragile whilst transforming into an absorbing lace like structure. Dimensions 40cm x 40cm c 5cm - Retail Price £1685

Glow Selection

Glow is a delicate, eggshell thin orb of black glass made using the ‘pate de verre’ technique. Powdered glass is packed into a mould, the heat of the kiln fusing the glass together and creating the movement within the piece. Once cold worked and finished the interior is lined with copper leaf, creating the ‘glow’. Artists’ Statement: With its vibrant colour and glossy finish, the copper leaf interior provides a striking contrast to the rough, textured exterior. Glow (x large) 27cm dia x 19cm high - Retail Price £880 Glow (small) 12cm dia x 9cm high - Retail Price £385 Glow (x small) 10cm dia x 7cm high - Retail Price £350 Glow (Midi) 8cm dia x 6cm high - Retail Price £300


Fused and slumped glass stringers, made in two parts. Cold worked, part sandblasted and the halves woven together with copper thread. Artists’ Statement: Aulisca is a series of decorative works inspired by the striking visual of the diatom – A single cell algae formed from two halves, the perforations on their exterior shell have evolved into beautiful graphical patterns reminiscent of Spirograph drawings. Aulisca Series 1 (White) Retail Price £1250 - Aulisca Series IV (Black) Retail Price £1600