Night People Series (3 of 5)

Reflections in windows blur and slide away from us, as our nocturnal masks crack. Night People tracks our descent into a neon world filled with lost personas; avatars circling each other in ritualistic rhythms, while our real selves crumble under the weight of impossible expectations. Natasha explores this urban twilight and illuminates the shadows that haunt it. She guides us through a procession of clubs and bars and all-night diners, a litany of encounters with hopes raised and crushed again and again. Yet a defiant spirit undercuts the melancholia; there is dignity and real strength behind those tired eyes. Natasha paints a strange, yet familiar landscape reflected through a series of portraits, conjuring a vivid experience through the eyes of the beholders. Late Night - Mixed Media Painting on Canvas 76.5 x 61cm - £510 Candy Pop - Mixed Media Painting on Canvas 61 x 45.5cm - £420 Solo - Mixed Media Painting on Canvas 61 x 50.5cm - £425