Monica is a contemporary artist and fashion designer whose creations reveal the nature of human feelings from different perspectives. Her artistic expressions have achieved various ranges of applications, implementing different styles such as abstracts, collage and portraits, which now has transformed her into a versatile mixed media artist. For her, a life without art is as a bird without wings. She says doing art has lots of meanings. She paints to express her emotions, thoughts, feelings and memories. Denzel Washington - Acrylic Painting on Canvas 60 x 46 cm - £1500 Bob Marley - Acrylic Painting on Canvas 40 x 40 cm - £800

Abstract and Fantasy Paintings

Golden Leaf - Mixed Media Painting on Canvas 40 x 50 cm - £650 The Fairy - Collage Mixed Media Painting on Canvas 30 x 42cm - £332.50 Metallic Flower - Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board 30 x 42cm - £532