New Abstract Oil Paintings

Martin Masterson’s Legions, Airless and Plunder artworks are a few of the new oil paintings within the new exhibition. Martin currently has 12 artworks on display at The Croydon Art Space Gallery. Title: Legions - Oil Painting on Hardboard, 40 x 50cm – Retail Price: £332.50 Title: Airless - Oil Painting on Canvas, 30 x 30cm – Retail Price: £185 Title: Plunder - Oil Painting on Canvas, 30 x 24cm – Retail Price: £175

Abstract Artist

Series of Pastels The current drawings are part of a series of pastels. The pastels have been crushed into a fine dust like pigment which has been mixed with other coloured pastels which is then blended on the surface of the paper. Although this method of working demands a certain amount of control it none the less allows for an element of chance to enter the work opening up the possibility of unforeseen imagery. Pastels in order of display: Heavy Water (68.5cm x 89cm) Sold Passing (68.5cm x 89cm) £465.50 Presence (68.5cm x 89cm) £465.50 An Inner Sun (68.5cm x 89cm) £465.50

A Silent Soil

Large Oil Painting (Size 92 x 101cm) Price £598.50

Oil Paintings

Small Oil Paintings (30 x 24cm). Paintings in order of display: - Titles: Pathogens, Velocity, Vent, Conduit, Ignition and Evolving (Price £185 each)

New Oil Paintings

Unearthing - Oil Painting by Martin Masterson (Size 30.5cm x 30.5) Price £332.50 A Darkening Pulse - Oil Painting by Martin Masterson (Size 99cm x 91.5cm) Price £598.50 Quark - Oil Painting by Martin Masterson (30cm x 30cm) £185 Other new works can be found in the new gallery exhibition