New Illustrations

Jenny Macdonald has produced three new illustrations for the current exhibition at The Croydon Art Space Gallery. Here is one example of her exciting new works. Title: Marble Reflections – illustration in Hardwood Frame, 20 x 20cm – Retail Price: £200


I am an illustrator, a jewellery maker and an educator. I’m endlessly drawn to detail and minutia. My landscape is small. I notice the little things. I make detailed studies of the objects I am addicted to collecting such as ordinary functional items or little plastic toys, vintage packaging, pebbles, street finds and mud larked fragments. I draw to explain things to myself. It’s a process that sometimes ends up as jewellery design. It’s often just for the joy of occupying a visual world and the physical activity of drawing and making. In an academic world of words and intellect, I am a foreigner. When I am drawing and making, I am at home. Illustrations: Safety Pin and Shell, Key and Blue Ribbon, Hook and Eyelet, Button and Pin £135 Each

Lajaunie, Domino and Fragments

Illustration (Not for Sale)