Sustainability Through Collaboration

For both of us the sustainability of each-other and the environment is a collaborative journey and way of life. In our art practice we are curious and open to learning from home cooked pigments, foraged and recycled materials and plants as they represent the environment, we are part of. All of our works are dialogues and exchanges, journeys and discoveries celebrating a balance of the natural and manmade. The alchemy in our work is the result of diverse materials, revised processes and an unapologetic effeminate aesthetic. Sunshine Memoirs - Iron oxide monotype, sugarlift, displayed in recycled frames to maintain a sustainable art practice £1010 (40 x 40cm).

Earthly Oms 1, 2

Sustainably sourced Irish red clay & professional modelling clay. 12 x 8 x 4cm each £345 each.

Silver Linings Paintings Selection

‘Iron oxide, oak gall ink, earth pigment & rose gold guild on canvas and cotton 40 x 30cm oval painting £1250 & paintings on silk £125 each.’