New Pandemic Painting

During the second lockdown period Christy produced a new acrylic painting with the title; Sunflowers. It is on display in the current exhibition (40 x 40cm £332.50).

Contemporary Artist

Sky Painting Painted during the lockdown, Christy’s love for nature became even more enhanced as the restrictions to go outside was at its peak. She uses delicate and gentle brush strokes as Turner and Van Gogh would have portrayed to mimic the softness of the skyline and the clouds, whilst also using harsh, brash lines of blue with layers of colours to enhance the depth of movement of the sea. Acrylic on tile painting (20 x 20cm - Sold).

Fruit Painting

Fruit Painting Fascinated and inspired by the works of changing the textures of different surfaces from Meret Oppenheim’s “Luncheon in Fur” with her depiction of a teacup and saucer made of fur and Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s imaginative portrayal of using a variety of fruits as human portraits, Christy’s piece lures the viewer to experience sense and sight by combining the skin surfaces of a pineapple, banana, pomegranate, apple and an orange with animal skins. The cobalt blue of the fabric aligns beautifully with the vibrant use of the colouration of the fruits. Acrylic on canvas painting (Size 40 x 40cm - Price £332.50).